♢ Create a fundraiser account by now! Whether you are a dancer, alumni, faculty or staff member, everyone can be a fundraiser! ♢ Join/Create a team ♢ Start Fundraising! Help contribute to our six figure commitment! ♢ Attend General Member meetings ♢ Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to the event. Remember, we stand for those who can't!
Be an ECDM Volunteer! For those of you looking to be an even bigger part of Emmanuel College's Dance Marathon, we welcome you "behind the scenes" and encourage your enthusiasm to the cause! Fundraising Ideas!
Use Snapchat and scan for some more helpful fundraising tips! ♢ Write letters to send to friends, family, coaches, bosses, etc. ♢ Post your DonorDrive page on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites ♢ Collect bottles and cans and turn them in for change at Star Market or Stop and Shop! ♢ Reach out to local businesses ♢ Hold a raffle ♢ Have a bake sale